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So, you have to turn it on. Here is how: Open Menu. Go to the “Options/Quit tab”. Click “Settings”. Scroll Down to “Shot Feedback” and turn it to “All Shots”.NBA 2k23 Every SHOT METER TYPE gameplay💥. LexxExpressPlus. 4.66K subscribers. Subscribed. 253. 29K views 1 year ago #4014 #nba2k23 #nba. Subscribe for all SPORTS …The shot meter is very different. I would recommend creating a jumper that you feel is smooth for you. Usually smoother jumpers are easier to time with the meter on. It's a matter of preference if you want it off or on bc this 2k is a lot more forgiving with slightly late/slightly early shots. I would turn it off, but that's just me.In today's video, Double H goes over how to shoot consistently on NBA2K24. He goes into detail on how to time your shot depending on what visual cue you use,...The TopSpin 2K25 controls have three core aspects: Serve, Positioning, and Shot Type. Fortunately, they are very straightforward but that doesn't mean they are easy to master. Timing is the most ...NBA 2k 24 is TRASH‼️‼️. MyCAREER. The badge system trash, the shot meter trash the player development trash and they make it extra super hard for you to do anything and you basically have to buy your way to the top. That’s why I went back to playing 2K 23. 0.Published Sep 9, 2023. There is a default shot meter in NBA 2K24 but very few players will find that the standard is their favorite. There are all kinds of styles, colors, shapes, and...I don't even get green releases or animations or sounds anymore. Go into a career game press pause and go to controller settings, Shot timing-shots and layups. Turn off real player %. My shot feedback is on "all shots." It won't show my shot feedback but it will show everyone else shot feedback. Every time I shoot i dont get any….How to Change and Customize Your Shot Meter in My Carrer. Go to MyPlayer. Head to the Gameplay Effects tab. Go to the Jump Shot Meter Tab. Select your desired Graphic Type. Now that you know how to change your shot meter in NBA 2k23, don't forget to check out a few tips sure to improve your jump shots and how to perform all the Dunks in the game.82K likes, 1,166 comments - nba2klabyt on August 30, 2023: "NBA 2K24 All New Shot Meters : Shot Meter Update in 2K24 #nba2k24 #2k24 #2k".When the dunk meter is full, release right stick or Square to finish the dunk. The advanced dunks you can perform during the dunk content in 2K23 are: Windmill Dunk: Move and hold right stick to the left or right. Double Clutch Dunk: Move and hold right stick up. Reverse Dunk: Move and hold right stick down.Now that you know how to change your shot meter in NBA 2k23, don’t forget to check out a few tips sure to improve your jump shots and how to perform all the Dunks in the game. You can play NBA 2K23 right now on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PCs.PS4 and PS5 can play NBA 2K24 pretty well (Image via Sony and 2K Games) ... Shot meter input type: All; Shot meter style: Arrow; Shot meter location: To the side; Shot meter size: Medium;The new meter looks good. Skipped 21 as I didn't like the mechanic in the demo so if this new meter rewards kicking the ball out, running plays and actual basketball smarts which was sort of there in 20 but with the plus of better representation of the shot difficulty then great. 6.Shooting is probably the most important skill for any player to master in NBA 2K23. To help you get started down the right path we invited 3-Point specialist JJ Reddick to give you the tips to perfect the art of shooting in NBA 2K23! And just in case you need a few more pointers, Gameplay Director Mike Wang joins us for a 2KTV segment of Expert ...I'm a PG pure shot creator with maxed shooting badges (limitless, deep range, difficult shots). When I shoot (pressing square button on PS4), my shot meter going up and down. I swear to God I know my release. I never press square too long because my release is the fastest. I don't know if this is relevant but I'm usually putting up 10+ 3s in ...2K22's new shot meter is thin and Real Player % has seemingly been made useless. So I have been playing 2K22 a bit recently and noticed the shot meter is super thin! Like so thin you can barely make a shot in the paint. I've noticed that it's really hard to even get to where my actual range is, which is a problem as it is, but I can't, for the ...I recently downloaded the game as the last 2k I played was 2k19 and one major thing I’ve noticed is that inside my shot meter instead of green it’s red. Should I be releasing in the red or just below it because it seems like even after setting the screen and shooting uncontested it still says bad shot selectionFortunately, changing the shot meter is quite easy and quick to do. Players simply need to do the following: Go to the MyCAREER Menu. Access the options tab. Click on Controller Settings. Choose ...Video Transcript: in today's video we'll be talking about jump shot timing stability grades we'll be using five different bases that has different grades of stability ranging from a all the way to F and please give this video to a thousand likes if you want to see more testing on jump shot attribute grades Now by 2k's definition your stability ...Oct 9, 2023 ... Nba 2k20 · Nba 2k24 Where to Shoot around · 2k24 Jump Meter · 2k24 Xbox One · 2k24 Montage · 2k24 Tips · Nba 2k.Though player energy was still measured by the old but gold Stamina Bar around a player's feet, the Shot Bar floated next to the player's head, making it extremely difficult to predict. 2K19 tweaked it a little and gave it a new moniker I.e. Shot Meter, which now showed your team colours and was much easier on the eyes and catch hold of.The NBA 2K24 best Shot Meter settings on Current and Next Gen are: Jump Shot Meter: Off. Layup Meter: On. Free Throw Meter: Off. Shot Meter Input Type: All. Shot Meter Style: Comet. Shot Meter Location: By the Head. Shot Meter Size: Large. Shot Meter Color: Green.How to turn the shot meter on/off in NBA 2K23 Before you can choose what type of shot meter you want for your player, you need to make sure the meter is enabled first. Once again, you can do that ...Rather than basing the shot off a meter, the 2K team has recommended using visual cues. In NBA 2K24, there are a number of visual cues that players can use to base their timing on. And, this ...This is for 2k23. On 2k23 you go into animations and it's just after the jumpshot creator at least on current gen. I’ll have to check next time I’m on, if that’s the case that’s dumb lol why not put it in the settings. So I know you can change the shot meter style for play now in the controller settings but when I look for it while I ...The shot meter within the game has changed drastically. Although you can change it according to your preference, the mechanics remain the same. The thin line in the meter is what gives you the ...Nov 14, 2022 ... NBA2K23 #nba2k23bestbuild #nba2k23gameplay In this video we talk about what changes the green window and how to green every shot in nba 2k23 ...TopSpin 2K25 from 2K Sports marks a bold reentry into the sporting game sphere for one of the genre's hibernating elite. ... there is a timing meter on every type of shot, sort of similar to shot ...The ten events that make up the decathlon are spread over two days and include the 100-meter sprint, long jump, shot put, high jump and 400-meter run on the first day, followed by ...View NBA 2K Recommended Lineups. This isn't a tip about learning to play first. You need to play MyCareer first to level your player up and unlock higher levels of badges. If you go straight to the park you will have trouble getting teammates because no one wants to play with an incomplete teammate. If you jump straight into Rec your teammates ...It's mind games. Im in the camp that believes the meter shouldn’t be misleading. That looks like a full bar green, but it wasn’t because it changed for whatever reason. If his FT rating is low then make the green thinner or meter faster. If he times it perfectly every time then it should go in every time.Turn the meter off. 2k hasn't made a functioning meter for 2 years now. The spot you want to release at is OUTSIDE the green window half the time. The meter is literally making you miss.The more stamina you've used, meaning the more you've ran around or did dribble moves during that possession, the slower your jumpshot will be, and in turn the slower your shot meter will be. The deadeye badge will help this dramatically. I think you mean sniper. Dead eye is if someone is coming to lose out on you.Reddit's home for anything and everything related to the NBA 2K series. Developer-supported and community-run. Check out our 2K24 Wiki for FAQs, Locker Codes & more. ... When i used to use shot meter i used to never really look at it, when i did look i used to miss. Im already hitting way more. Thanks bro.Meter can't be properly aligned with variable shot timing. You might have had 80ish stamina on the second shot, meter might be set to a default timing not accounting for the face your tired and the shot is 8% slower. Turn meter off. They've got variable shot timing on layups right now with the meter right now.Feb 19, 2023 ... What's up everyone?! Welcome back to another quick short video from the new NBA 2K23 Next Gen Tutorial Video! In this short you will see a ...'NBA 2K21' has big gameplay changes coming in its next-gen game. There's a new shot meter and more. 'NBA 2K21' releases November 12 on PS5 and November 10 on Xbox Series X/S. Visual Concepts/2K SportsFor this edition of 2k with the addition of aiming, the 16 meter would be perfect for this game. Having it by the feet allows you to focus on hitting the spot. With it being above your head (and microscopic and popping at the time of the shot) makes it hard to pick up. I'd take any of the previous meters though. 1.💰 JOIN (YouTube Membership) and SUBSCRIBE if you enjoyed this video!Join my Notification Squad: click the 🔔B...NBA 2K24 Shot Timing + Jumpshot UpdatePOSITION ARCHETYPES. PG-Scoring Machine: Sharpshooting (primary), Defending (secondary) PG-Offensive Threat 1: Sharpshooting, Slashing. PG-Offensive Threat 2: Slashing Shot, Creating. PG-Offensive Threat 3: Sharpshooting, Playmaking. PG-Playmaking Shot Creator: Playmaking, Shot Creating. SG-Scoring Machine: Sharpshooting (primary ...To turn off the NBA 2K22 shot meter, the first step is to go into the Settings menu. You can get there either through the main menu or the pause menu if you happen to be in a match. Once in the Settings, find and click Controller Settings. Now all you have to do is find the Shot Meter option and switch it off.#2k23 #nba2k23 #myplayer #nba2k23nextgen NBA 2K23: HOW TO CHAGE YOUR SHOT METER AND GREEN ANIMATIONFOLLOW ME ON TWITCH ️ Twitch @jkoolii_List of equipment ...I think the fix for this is you have to change your shot meter settings in a MyCareer game - sometimes dashboarding or crashing causes the shot meter to be changed to Shots only, but you can't edit it in the Park or Rec, and you can't edit it in MyTeam either. I get annoyed by this too, it's a game issue. They just made it harder to change your ...Play NBA 2K for Money (Ad) How to Change All Shot Meter & Perfect Release Settings. Go to MyCAREER Menu > Options > Controller Settings; From this screen you can change various Shot Meter settings in the game: Jump Shot Meter (On / Off. Off is recommended to give players a shooting boost) Layup Meter (On / Off) Free Throw Meter (On / Off)Without the meter u just release when the player’s hands are at their face for most animations. For any player there’s three distinct shot timings with minor variations in between (excluding hop jumpers, step backs, post hooks/fades, and spin jumpers) Standing shot facing the right direction-this will be the fastest.New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. It's still green or miss. However if you play without the shot meter you get a 20% boost. Does anyone know if they're improving the shot meter for 2k24? 2k22 I was able to play on the hardest difficulty and win almost every single game I….My thoughts on the new shot meters in 2K23. So I read the blog update that shared the new game play features. I didn't mind it all that much until I read the addition of multiples shot meters. We've been clamoring for this for years, but you incentivized players not to use it. Why would anyone use the shot meter now, when 2K has clearly fixed ...Mastering the shot timing visual cue in NBA 2K24 is a journey of patience, practice, and a bit of personal flair. With the insights and strategies shared, you're now better equipped to take your gameplay to new heights. Remember, in the world of NBA 2K24, precision is key, and with the right timing, you'll be unstoppable on the court.Mavs Gaming coach, Bobby Buckets, teaches us how to change your shot meter on NBA 2K24! 2k Website: Twitch: https://www.twitch...notmistzz: How could I make a basketball shooting system like NBA 2k where you press a button to shoot the basketball and a meter would appear, if you released it at the top with precise timing, the shot goes in, but if you mistime it, you won't make it. use timer for losing … for meter use variable "set to" that after using a condition ...The shot meter in NBA 2K21 is different than last year. For this reason, you might want to change the shot meter in NBA 2K21 to make the game look more like 2K20. In this guide, we'll walk you through where you needPuma and NBA 2K are teaming up for a two pack of sneakers taking inspiration from the franchise's shot meter.. Both the Suede and Scoot Zeros appear in black and white color schemes with green ...Reddit's home for anything and everything related to the NBA 2K series. Developer-supported and community-run. Check out our 2K24 Wiki for FAQs, Locker Codes & more. ... Online • StephBundyTTV . Turn off shot meter for good General Quick question anyone know of a way to turn off the shot meter and keep my settings for good. Tired of doing ...Consider customizing. Many players set “Pass Direction” to 1, “Pass Distance” to 1, and “Openness” to 98. This makes the AI choose the most open player when you press the pass button. However, it’s recommended to use icon passing for more control. Pass Target Direction: 1. Pass Target Distance: 1. Pass Target Openness: 99.Sep 20, 2023 ... ... shoot with your shot meter off, and what to ... 2k,dbg nba 2k24,nba 2k24 7'3,nba 2k24 mod ... 2k best jumpshot,new best jumpshot nba 2k24,2k24 ...NBA 2k23 Every SHOT METER TYPE gameplay💥. LexxExpressPlus. 4.66K subscribers. Subscribed. 253. 29K views 1 year ago #4014 #nba2k23 #nba. Subscribe for all SPORTS …NBA 2k17 Shooting tutorial & NBA 2k17 How to make jumpshots & New shot meter explainedFOLLOW ME ON TWITTER - ME ON INSTAGRA...In the controller settings menu, you can modify the shot meter settings. This is located in the "Features" section of the game's main title screen. You may change the shot meter settings in a variety of ways. Go to the pause menu and select Options > Controller Settings to turn on and off the shot meter during a game.Rather than basing the shot off a meter, the 2K team has recommended using visual cues. In NBA 2K24, there are a number of visual cues that players can use to base their timing on. And, this ......

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Once turned on, you can make the following adjustments to get the best shot meter NBA 2K23 settings. The main aim of the meter is to...

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One crucial element? The shot meter. But what if it’s not vibing with your game style? Don’t sweat it; we’ve got the playbook...

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The PDT 5001 2K Shot Meter, also called rod displacement meter, accommodates single-component materials that have heavy fills ...

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NBA 2k17 Shooting tutorial & NBA 2k17 How to make jumpshots & New shot meter explainedFOLLO...

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